Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Technology vs Relationship

The world is small! Technology has taken us to so much of comfort levels. Emails, messaging, voicemails, etc. etc. etc. There are really wonderful means that technology has given us this day to communicate. This era, we dont have to worry about keeping in touch with people.
18 years ago... I remember my parents writing long letters to their parents and friends thus communicating with each other. And I remember them reading the reply letters they get with all happiness and satisfaction. And I remember them making STD calls to connect to them through voice, once in a month. That was the time when the STD call rates were quite high for a normal salaried family.
Today... I can see my parents communicating with their parents almost everyday over the phone. I can see them refreshed and happy once the conversation is over. What a tremendous change to be witnessed in 20 years!?!
Long phone conversations once in 2 months seems like a memory of the past. Today, we feel we don't have to worry about communication, for we have emails and messages to help us (Atleast the current generation!!! ) But is it true?! Do we really communicate? Do we really get to know each other's well being frequently?
These days, messaging has replaced 'phone calls' which is not a really good sign of developing technology vs relationships. We consider ourselves really busy to spare time for a phone call. Sometimes, we key in text messages now and then, and yes, thats the end of it. And the frustrating part is, when we message people, some of us don't even care to reply back. Only when we sit back and think do we realize how much it hurts. It induces an feeling of unappreciated, unacknowledged hurt.
We do work/study for long hours and most of us understand that the other is busy. Truely, these days, I have stopped expecting calls from my dear ones only because, they might be busy. Having said this, I would have a fantastic feeling when my friends/relatives spare some time to talk to me. I too don't do it though. Today morning, I happened to talk to my schoolmate, who is my best friend, after a month's time. It was a great feeling to interact with her after a considerable interval. That is when I figured out that there is always a difference, between messaging and calling.
I still see some of my friends who constantly message us just to keep us informed. And some of it becomes chain messaging, chatting through messages. In the midst of our so called busy schedule, it is really nice to key in chain messages which will make us really happy.
And when all this is still available, don't forget to give your friends a phone call when you have some time. Many of my friends have expressed their frustration about not talking to them. Text messaging is there for us, when we need to give some information and that should never become a substitute for voice communication (not voice mail though .. lol). Though technology has gifted us with lots of comfort means, let us remember to call our dear ones once in a while and talk to them which is an essential ingredient of any relationship. :)