Friday, May 13, 2011

The Tipping Point - A Review (Part I )

We are all fascinated by changing trends. Something which was never famous a few ago, has become commonplace, and is being the trend today. A previously unwanted item will suddenly gain attention that is explicable.

Take the rise of mobile phones. Just a decade ago, it was something very very expensive for a basic model, and incoming and outgoing calls were charged at sky high prices.. Over the last two years, we see a significant change in people using the mobile phone. Anyone from a daily wage laborer to big business magnets, we have a cell phone. And no ordinary features are actually left out while we go for a cheaper phone. This happened all of a sudden. I was doing my Class 11 when my dad got a mobile phone, which was considered a luxury at that point of time. And today, each person holds a mobile phone, and make use of it to the fullest..

We have seen same kinds of businesses grow up or decline. Here in this book, Malcolm discusses what / who brings change in the society, so that something that was unnoticed, suddenly became so recognized.

This book is lively and engages the study of several ideas as above, wherein there was a tipping point for shooting up of that particular business or whatsoever. He suggests there are some people in the society capable of achieving this.. As I am writing this, I am only halfway through the book, but this has influenced me enough to start writing about this book.

I will describe in short and crisp terms what this book is about in the future posts. Till then, let me get back to more of the 'tipping point'.