Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Walking down the memory lane!

Today, I am seated comfortably in the Chennai facility of Logica, quite comfortable with the environment and work life! As I think of what I was three years ago, this day, I was just-out-of-college, waiting to face the world with all delight. And I sat at the reception area in Bangalore office, not knowing what the world of IT has in store for me, waiting for my turn of interview.

Yes! It was this day, in the year 2008, that I took my interview with Logica, as a fresh graduate. Filled with a mind full of expectations and excitement, I saw many other eager faces waiting to clear interviews and be part of 'One Logica' who were 'Releasing their potential', like the old brand of Logica said. Now I am a proud member of the big team 'One Logica' and we are being 'brilliant together'.

And I am also happy to see that quite a good number of people who got selected along with me are still with Logica. People have come and gone. But the goodness I find with that specific team is something that is beyond expression. I started off as a silent employee, who broke off the cocoon to see the opportunities that lay in front of me.

All through my journey of three years, I have experienced everything that I came across, without turning back. Be it the internal project (guruLib), or Schenker, or CQ5, and not to forget Syntillations, it is a world full of fun and opportunity. Of all my experiences, I would rate Syntillations the best of all, for I got to know a variety of logibods from different departments, and taught me what really 'One Logica' is. This is a fantastic people club that exists purely for the benefit of logibods, to have fun @ workplace along with seriousness.

I did have my bad times, when I was unassigned to projects, and had to fight my best to get myself 'billable'. I did have my other bad times with unexpected rating all the time, but everything taught me how to handle situations. I have learnt lots in my life, in all these three years of my life @ logica.!

Thanks to Logica! :)