Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The T.V Series

I type this post listening to one of my favorite compositions from the tamil movie 'Angadi Theru'. I have been filling my blog at The MBA Odyssey, that I forgot to actually write a couple of posts on this blog.

It is amazing how we get so involved in many activities so as to forget some other activities. And something that I have got addicted to these days is F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

God knows how I am going to control my urge to watch this tv series nonstop. I wished they had more seasons.. It is so compelling to stop with just one episode. I have watched each episode so much that I remember the lines. I wonder what an amazing experience it would have been for the team to have been working on it for so long. I find it exciting when I see those young faces turn old with the seasons. Ten seasons would have been so much of their acting career, and I am sure these guys would have had awesome fun through the course of those ten years. Monica and Chandler and Phoebe (that's a funny noise, yes, as Rachel's sister exclaims!) and Ross and Rachel. Emma and Ben are other attractions in the episodes, not to miss Janicee (O...M...G..! ) and Mikee...

I can keep going on and on this amazing series. Another interesting action filled series is Prison Break. Who can forget this wonder sitcom by Paul Scheuring, with Michael Scofield..! Michael and Lincoln are awesome siblings I should say. I learnt the importance of really applying engineering to practice, in this series, with the brilliance portrayed through Wentworth Miller. If Friends is a sitcom, where just 5 people can make it wonderful, Prison Break is something that has been made magnificent with every episode ending with a compelling note to watch the next. I missed Season 4 because I lost touch with the previous episodes. I am hunting for the full set of episodes, so I can watch them all over again.!

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