Wednesday, November 26, 2008

101 Things To Do Before I Die

  1. Find the reason for my birth
  2. Make a library of all my favorite collections.
  3. Read the complete dictionary
  4. Write a best seller.
  5. Create a fictional character that all kids would love.
  6. Travel along to a city in a foreign land, where I have never been before.
  7. Get to the tallest buildings and reach the highest point there.
  8. Fall asleep on a bed in a furniture store.
  9. Express my emotions with a song.
  10. Write the story of my life
  11. Be a teacher for one day at the school I studied in.
  12. Break a computer monitor to pieces.
  13. Walk alone in a cemetery at midnight.
  14. Be the best daughter to my parents.
  15. Trek a mountain of my choice.
  16. Spend a night by the waterfall with my love.
  17. Stay in the costliest resort for one night.
  18. Build my own organization.
  19. Make a huge Barbie doll collection in my showcase.
  20. Stay for a night in a really scary and haunted house.
  21. Build my dream house.
  22. Get wet in the rain on a hill top.
  23. Compose a melodious piece of music.
  24. Try and capture as many rainbows as possible on my camera.
  25. Wake up late in the night, when everyone is asleep, and go out, ride my car.
  26. Spend a month in a lone island.
  27. Stay in an Igloo.
  28. Learn a new language and put that to use.
  29. Watch sunrise and sunset.
  30. Smile at say, 100 strangers.
  31. Maintain the diary for a whole year.
  32. Write to my favorite novelist.
  33. Donate one lunch of mine to the poor.
  34. Stay in silence for a week.
  35. Switch off my mobile for a week.
  36. Sleep on the terrace watching the sky.
  37. Build a tree house.
  38. Wander around in a deep forest for a week.
  39. Paint my dreams on canvas.
  40. Go snow skiing.
  41. Record my expenditure everyday.
  42. Learn to play a piano.
  43. Meet someone with a name which spells as my own.
  44. Trip the world’s coldest areas (?)
  45. See the aurora borealis.
  46. See an erupting volcano.
  47. Milk a cow.
  48. Conquer my fears.
  49. Build a temple.
  50. Watch the top 100 films listed on IMDB.
  51. Drive my car to the hill top.
  52. Win a lottery (:D)
  53. Land on the moon.
  54. See a space shuttle launch.
  55. Study astronomy.
  56. See the complete solar and lunar eclipse.
  57. Own a useless collection of useless stuff.
  58. Discover something that would help my growth.
  59. Do my Masters in a university of my choice.
  60. Clean my place and put things in order.
  61. Stay overnight in a luxurious boat house.
  62. Visit the fantasy 360 degree Leti, located in the heart of Uttaranchal, India.
  63. Ride a camel.
  64. Shelter at least one poor family.
  65. Spend on educating an orphan.
  66. Design my home interiors.
  67. Live in a hut for at least 48 hours.
  68. Conduct training sessions for my juniors at college.
  69. Look into the close rooms of the Taj Mahal.
  70. Cry out loud for silly reasons.
  71. Present my soul mate with something unexpected on a special day!
  72. Stay calm even when I am the most stressed out.
  73. Learn a lot of patience.
  74. Understand motherhood.
  75. Make a to-do list for everyday.
  76. Learn to say NO without saying ‘No!’
  77. Visit temples whenever I find time.
  78. Understand stock market.
  79. Consciously cut my skin (say, 2 cm long) and learn what pain it causes!
  80. See the new 7 wonders of the world
  81. Jump with a parachute.
  82. Help save one’s life.
  83. Turn vegetarian for a month.
  84. Make a hoax phone call.
  85. Make a code language and use it to converse with my friends.
  86. Become nocturnal for a month.
  87. Learn to take control of my dreams.
  88. Eat fruits from the tree I planted.
  89. Throw tomatoes at the person you hate.
  90. Experience getting struck in a traffic jam for more than 6 hours.
  91. Visit Stonehenge.
  92. See the Grand Canyon.
  93. See my grandchildren.
  94. Trace my family tree.
  95. Visit the Pyramids of Giza, Egypt.
  96. Have enough financial strength to manage accomplishing stuff mentioned.
  97. Visit the Twelve Apostles, Rock Formation.
  98. See a ghost.
  99. Learn the psychology behind suicide.
  100. Visit all famous temples in India.
  101. Love my life and live it to the fullest!


Kruthika said...

hi..guess i can help u do one of ur 101 things, especially the 43rd one! :D

Kruthika Rathinavel said...

Hi Kruthika,

Nice to hear from you!
Thanks for responding ! :)

So, maybe we can discuss about each other offline from here on...
Wat say?

And Kruthika, sorry for the very very very late reply! I was off from the blogging world for a really long time...


hari said...

hey u got the answer for first one..
Find the reason for my birth

hari said...

man you have lots of dreams........

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