Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Trip to Wayanad, The Green Paradise - Day 4

We were so enthusiastic to reach the place intended for the day then. It was to the Soochipara Falls.

The Tea Plantations:
On our way to the falls, we visited the tea plantations, which was peculiar to most of the hilly regions (I presume). The tea plantation all our way through, was a splendid location to miss.
They are most visually appealing; they sprawl over the hills in a thick green carpet, with thin silveroak trees scattered in between in an indifferent manner - and best of all the women at work in the plantations, carefully plucking the tea leaves, heads protected by plastic against any sudden downpours.

We stopped by the woods and tried getting a glimpse of the tea plantations. We moved in the midst of them, trying to experience the greenery of the region. How fresh and how green they were! How peaceful the place was! I just didn’t feel like walking out of the greenery there.

The whole place was so green and striking. Green is the most charismatic color ever J -that was what ran through my mind then! We then resumed our journey towards the Soochipara Falls.

Soochipara Falls:
We reached the spot, alighted from the drive, took a walk through the dense forests and reached the falls. Nature is at its thundering best at this place. The falls is 200-300 feet in height. It is pleasing to the eyes.

We planned to dip in the water. To reach the falls, and touch water there was a heroic task indeed. We were scared of the rocks and the water beneath it. We were warned that the rocks are quite slippery. We made our way to the falls and dipped in the falling water. Ah! What a pleasing moment it was! I just cannot forget! The water was so cold and we were the only people there. We had a relaxed shower and then walked back to the rocks. We were feeling thrilled at this momentous occasion. I had longed for a trip like this, and finally enjoyed one.
From there, we walked down to the 'Suicide Point' where it is said, depressed folks try and commit suicide. It was deep down and we had to walk a distance. We had a look at the spot and walked back, because of lack of time.

And now, came the sad moment with all refreshing memories to preserve forever and some people to miss forever. We went back to our rooms, dressed up, packed our bags, returned the keys at the reception and made our way to catch a bus to Calicut. Our train to Goa from Calicut was scheduled at 7:00 pm. We started around 3:00 pm to Calicut, reached there by 6:00 pm, had some light snacks, and reached the railway station, boarded the train and sat there relaxed. While we just boarded the bus to Calicut, we called up Aunty and bid a ‘bye’ to her. She wished us a ‘Happy Journey’. ‘Cheta’ was filled with tears, as he had become one with us in these 4 days of trip. He took care of us like his own sisters. Hats off to ‘cheta’.

We reached Goa the next morning fresh with all memories to preserve for our lifetime. It was an awesome trip, to be short!


Krish said...

Ya can also make another good professional and a pretty lucrative one as well. Travel Agent!

bitsgoa_passout said...

So nice to recap our wayanad trip...Also include the agriculture farm house..:)

Kruthika Rathinavel said...

Yes, of course. Agriculture farmhouse is nothing but RARs in the first day's post. I tried and got the name of the nursery. :)

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