Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Catty Corner !!!

I have something interesting to share this time! I was in the process of looking out for a house to stay at Kilpauk, Chennai. I was in a house and looking through a window from in there. I was amazed to see two endearing cats sleeping in a box-like thermo coal tightly cuddled. It appeared to me as if, they were sleeping with all romance at heart and I woke them up banging the window. I have a couple of photos of the catties. Do have a look.

I was surprised to see at least 5 cats in the same area all sleeping in individual thermo coal boxes, the couch for them. I was instantaneously taken by the cute catty couple and felt like taking the house for rent at any cost.
I would like to share another picture of a cat that seemed to pose close to my house. The surrounding appeared appealing to me, that I clicked my camera to capture the cutie catty.

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