Sunday, October 3, 2010

Recent episodes @ work

Life has been pretty cool for the past one month.. I was crowned with the title 'Ms. Logica' at the Back2School event @ Logica. This got me in touch with a lot of Syntillations members and I got enthusiastic to work with such dedicated group of people.. Besides being total fun, it taught me a lot about organizing events, playing dedicated roles behind-the-scenes. When an event turns success, all of them backstage are at heights of excitement, and I understand the reason why! This experience is something totally worth it, of all the effort that was put in by the team. 

The first event for which I volunteered to coordinate is 'Stars of Chennai'.. This is an event organized by Plus Dreammakers, an event management organization in association with Logica; Logica being the title sponsor. This is primarily a CSR event with the motive of entertaining the underprivileged children from various NGOs at Chennai. We were team of 4 nominated 'Core Team' members for 'Stars of Chennai'. What I learnt was managing activities to the minute detail..! 

It was heartwarming to see the event turn up a success live on stage. And the prime motive of the event was well experienced. Amidst celebrities who performed on stage, were the cute tots dancing to the tune of music, forgetting everything else in the world! What a pleasure and treat to the eyes and heart it was to see those little kids dance to joy! Needless to say, it was the most satisfying experience to be part of the team in making of the event. I have often wanted to be spending time with children who really need love and care. And this has been the first event which took me close to that wish of mine. :) I feel quite happy and excited about this, and I have pledged to myself to sponsor atleast one child for his/her education in future. 

And next in line is the 'Annual Sports Day' at Logica Chennai held on October 2, 2010 at YMCA Grounds. Nandanam. Here, though I was not so involved with the coordination activities off-event, the experience on-event was truly awesome. It has been ages since I witnessed a fully energetic Sports' meet anywhere. It gave me a new sort of enthusiasm and energy. 

And the amount of energy I saw in each of the participants, needs no description. It was simply fantastic. I should definitely learn a lot from the organizing members of the event, for their efforts were seen live on ground yesterday. We rocked the grounds yesterday, with fun and when required, seriousness in the game. I feel so glad to be part of Logica and Syntillations (the employee social club at Logica). 

I am waiting for more events in line.. Hope they make me more enlightened and enthusiastic to do more for entertaining the fellow community. 

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