Monday, March 21, 2011


I was riding to the office today morning, and happened to wait at the signal. There was strange and harsh sound of a person shouting at another person.

It was a father with his daughter (around 2 years old) in his shoulders, shouting at an auto-driver. The issue was that the auto driver rebuked the father for some random reason at the signal. This is an everyday issue with the auto drivers, who think they know the best driving and traffic rules ( I assume it to be so..)..

What I was more concerned is the kind of reaction I saw from the father, who appeared to be a decent professional. He used rude words and went down to the level of an illiterate in uttering words. All offensive statements like 'I will put you in jail for talking to me like this.. I am driving slowly with my daughter.. And dare you shout at me..' , 'You are playing with me without knowing my power; I ll hand over you to the police.. I will convict all your family members and put them to jail..'

I was dumbstruck at the way the new father reacted to just one or two words that the autowala uttered maybe purely because of some kind of bad mood. It happens with most of us in life. When we are angry, we tend to show our anger on others. But there is a limit to everything. The way the father shouted at the autowala was totally meaningless. Why will a man get so angry and utter totally unecessary words?! Is he not literate enough to understand that he is educated and the prime purpose of education is to make you a man with sense, and throw away anything that is nonsense.

And what is the moral he is teaching to his young daughter who is just beginning to see the world?! He must have sure instilled this in the fresh mind of his daughter. Is this what the new generation is going to be taught? Is this what we want our future generations to learn and be like?!

Lets think !

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