Wednesday, February 24, 2010

...courage !

I vividly remember these lines from my school diary.. While I was at school, once in a week this was sung at the school assembly.. 

It takes courage to answer a call.
It takes courage to give to all.
It takes courage to risk your name.
It takes courage to be true.
It takes courage to dare- what no other will share.
To be standing alone with whom no one will.
To be ready to stake for another man's sake.
It takes courage to be true.
It takes courage to say what no other will pay.
To give each man his share.
Though there will be less to spare.
To be seeking no more than the neighbour next door.
It takes courage to be true.

What is surprising is that, is that it beguiled me even when I was a child.. 
Courage - It can make anyone do wonders in his/her life! 

Be it anything that you feel like doing/achieving, the most basic thing you need to have is courage.. Believe that you can do it.. And say to yourself that it can definitely done as you put in efforts to achieve the same.. I am sure life can do wonders for you..

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