Saturday, March 13, 2010

Take a risk !

Unless you do, its not going to happen!
The dream, the plan, the vindication by triumph,the love that heals, the balmy climate where you can live languidly, the new body you want to build, the education, the career, the home, the travel, the gain, and all the glory.
All that you want, all that you cherish depends on you taking a risk.

Everything involves a risk. Everthing!

Nothing in this world is static, so you have to risk all the time.
Your risk to grow. You grow to stay young, to have hope, to believe in the world as you create it.
Risking isn't easy. If it were, it wouldn't be a risk.

What do you risk?
You always risk losing something you care about when you risk, because a risk isn't a step. A risk is a leap.

What could you lose?
Your belief that you are safe?
You're only safe if you keep on risking.
Your belief that you are happy? You are only happy if you are growing.
Your belief that your work is done? If you are alive, your work is always just beginning.

You need to risk to adapt, to discover, to know, to learn, to give up, to let go, to see fully, to accept the world and what it bestows.
You need to risk to find yourself.
You need to risk to live.

I can.
I know I want to ...
I can.
I know I have to ...
I can.
I can.

Taken from 'Finding your strength in difficult times'

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